Thoughts About the iSAFE Program

I found this curriculum to be educational and very informative as it cleared up confusions and misunderstandings I had about certain terms and concepts surrounding the web. The designers created engaging analogies to explain these concepts to every age student. Also, the people documenting iSAFE, in the videos, seemed knowledgeable and understanding of how children/teens operate. They have the knowledge that children are curious and so educate students on how to explore those curiosities in a safe and healthy manner with students their own age (guaranteed to be their own age via certified programs).

Some of the points that were most beneficial in my mind where; the education of parents, the 90, 180, 360 degrees of information visibility, cyber bullying, gaming safety (especially with the many students that play ‘Mature Audiences Only’ video games where they are exposed to adult interactions and conversations, the predator video (made by a student), and the mentor program! Having older students come into a younger student’s classroom is always engaging; students listen when their older peers are telling them it’s important. Also, the assembly ideas for concepts such as; computer security, predators, illegal downloading, intellectual property, etc.

I would have liked video footage on how this curriculum is integrated into a primary level classroom as all the videos seemed focused on 5 grade and up audiences.

Overall, I find this curriculum to be extremely relevant and essential for a 21st century classroom and home (the iSAFE parent program). If students are expected to use this technology it should be expected that they know the dangers and how to use the technology safely.

Below is a copy of my iSAFE certificate of completion.


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