Meta-reflection: Standard 11: Inquiry/Research

The following artifacts satisfy standard 11: Inquiry/research: Competently consumes and produces where necessary empirical data to guide educational practice.

In the following document you will see my research proposal for enhancing Native students’ educational experience through professional development for teachers of Native students.

Native American students have consistently scored lower than their European American peers on the WASL in the areas of reading and math. Teachers that receive professional development centered  around the needs of Native American populations will have a positive impact on the academic success of Native American students as well as provide a more diverse education for non-Native students.

Native American Research Proposal

The following data was compiled as a response to concerns regarding equity in public school spending. Data was collected from all 50 states from the Digest of Education Statistics, an annual publication of the U.S. Department of Education. The data compiled in this report is analyzing the frequency distributions of the average verbal SAT scores, the average math SAT scores, the percentage of students eligible for free or reduced-price lunch and the percentage of persons with disabilities nationally. The following document is my summary analysis of the data.

Interpretting and Applying Educational Research II

Below is a direct link to all artifacts and discussions that I feel have implications regarding standard 11.


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