Response Summary Survey, Needs Assessment and Action Plan

To assess the beliefs of ———- Elementary staff we created and administered a survey regarding the Nine Characteristics of High Performing Schools prepared by G. Sue Shannon, senior researcher for the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI). Twenty-two staff members, out of a possible 36 people (61%), completed the online survey that was comprised of 22 questions. The questions were on a nominal scale of never, sometimes, often and always. After analyzing the compiled data we found three areas that displayed need. The first area of need was under the characteristic of effective school leadership specifically the question I believe leadership is shared between administration and staff. 59.1% of the participants answered sometimes. The second area of concern was under the characteristic of high levels of collaboration and communication. The question was I believe there is clear communication between administration and staff; 50% answered sometimes. The third area of need also falls under the characteristic of high levels of collaboration and communication. The question was I believe parents and community members are involved in identifying problems and working toward solutions with the school. 81% of the staff that took the survey answered sometimes.

Below are links to the Response Summary Survey that the staff completed, the needs assessment created based on the survey results, and the action plan focused on the top two areas of need identified in the needs assessment. (All  school, district, city and tribe names were omitted for privacy).

Response Summary Survey

Needs Assessment

Action Plan


Action Plan Reflection

The process of completing a needs assessment was extremely informative! I loved creating, administering, and analyzing my own (with my partner) survey and hearing confidential (so, more truthful) answers to tough questions. We created the survey in the end of January because we wanted to get started right away. We asked the staff to get back to us within a week and a half. We got most of the staff’s results and began our analysis of the data and completing our needs assessment. After our face-to-face meeting, Star and I received feedback and then began our Action Plan. Star and I did 100% of the project together; we completed nothing without the presence of the other. We found the data analysis not only surprising at times but also reassuring that we weren’t the only ones feeling that one particular aspect was lacking or another was already robust. This is in regards to the Nine Characteristics of High Performing Schools (which was the bases of all our questions we created for the survey). I found that completing the Action Plan was more difficult than I had thought it would be at first. It was challenging to create a SMART goal and make sure that all the steps that needed to be accomplished in order to accomplish the SMART goal were addressed.  Star and I, as indicated in the action plan, intend on bringing this product to our Building Learning Team (BLT) to see if the implementation of CFGs and more effort toward increasing family involvement (specifically in conferences) could be pushed forward!