Is culturally relevant professional development necessary for teachers to be the most effective educators for Native American students?

In the following document you will see my research proposal for enhancing Native students’ educational experience through professional development for teachers of Native students.

Native American students have consistently scored lower than their European American peers on the WASL in the areas of reading and math. Teachers that receive professional development centered  around the needs of Native American populations will have a positive impact on the academic success of Native American students as well as provide a more diverse education for non-Native students.

NA research proposal


Native Americans in Educational History

From the pre-colonial, tribal education of oral language, collaboration, and critical thinking to the colonial traditions of text books, memorization, and individualism the pendulum swings.  Henry Giroux’s Pedagogy and the Politics of Hope, emphasizes the “…political, cultural, and social margins that confine and undermine knowledge and the process of schooling…”  Promoting equity and cultural pluralism will help children of minority groups to navigate from one culture to another while discovering the importance of diversity in the process of learning. The following document provides a glimpse at the educational history of our Native American populations of the U.S.  Native Americans in Educational History